Looking ahead to next week of Kilpatrick jury selection

Jury pool needs to be whittled down before opening statements in former Detroit mayor's federal trial can begin

DETROIT - As the jury selection process in Kwame Kilpatrick's federal trial pushes forward, next week is expected to be an important one.

Right now, more than 60 potential jurors have qualified for the jury pool. Next comes another phase of elimination which will lead to the final 12 jurors and six alternatives.

The process of whittling down the jury pool is bound to be controversial in this high-profile Detroit federal trial.

Jury selection in Kilpatrick case nearing end

"Every juror under the equal protection clause has the right to sit on the jury, and you can rest assured that the defense is going to say, 'Hey, listen, when we questioned this person they said they could sit, be fair and be partial. What is it that makes them think this is anything other than race?'" said Local 4 Legal Expert Todd Flood.

After the jury is seated, the trial begins. Opening statements are expected to start on Thursday.

Federal prosecutors sill make the case that the former Detroit mayor, his father Bernard Kilpatrick, friend Bobby Ferguson and former water boos Victor Mercado ran a criminal enterprise. Prosecutors will say the men made a lot of money doing it. There will be a lot of talk of bribes, extortion and threats.

On Friday, prosecutor's will start bringing witnesses to the stand. Many of them will be Kilpatrick's former friends.

Jury selection resumes Tuesday.

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