Lessons from all our mothers

By Linda Whitaker

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Recently, I noticed a third grade student who appeared to be disappointed that her mother was not there to pick her up from school. Her mother is in the military.  She asked her grandmother how long it would be before her mother comes home.

The next day, I invited the student to my office for some girl talk. We considered ourselves twins, because she wants to be a school principal.  We shared other things we had in common like being smart and as she stated being young (Smile!). 

I told her that we were both very lucky to have more than one mother. Having more than one mother makes us special. She looked puzzled. With pride I told her how my grandmother, my aunt and my mother helped to raise me.  So I consider them my mothers.  

"What I learned from them makes me to a good principal," I said.

"Did they teach you to do homework?" she asked. "Of course," I replied. "I learned something important from each of them." 

My grandmother showed me how to care about others even when you don't want to. "It's your duty," she would say.  When I asked, "Why do we always have to feed people or take them somewhere?" she stated with a smile, "That's my duty."  

My mother worked very hard.  She worked long hours often on several jobs. I learned that if you want something you must work for it. My mother says that you should not look for something that's free when you can work to get it. She also told me that doing good in school was my job.

My aunt, who was a teacher, showed me that it was important to have a great personality and a giving spirit. I admired her calm, easy and helpful spirit as she helped her students in class with their lessons. She had a treasure chest with silent games. We would even shop for Easter dresses for some students. I told her that I was going to grow up and be like her.   

Guess what?  I grew up to be like my grandmother, aunt and mother.

"You might grow up to be like your grandmother, aunt and mother too," I said. 

My student smiled, and informed me that I can come to work in her school any time I wanted to for free. 

I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to all adults who support and love children.