Metro Detroit roads slippery, dangerous with icy, snowy conditions

Drivers warned to take caution in Metro Detroit with icy, snowy roads, windy conditions

By Brandon Roux - Meteorologist, Segment Reporter/Producer

DETROIT - A car wreck on the South Boulevard overpass at Interstate 75 in Oakland County sums up conditions Friday on southeast Michigan roads.

Seven cars were involved in three different crashes due to the slippery conditions. An Auburn Hills police officer was hospitalized after being sideswiped while getting out of his car to respond to the first crash.

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Many drivers were scraping ice off their cars for the first of what could be many times this winter.

Bridges, overpasses and ramps freeze fastest. However, icy roads were everywhere Friday.

A wind advisory Friday night means snow will be blown about. Reduced visibility and re-freezing is likely on already risky roads in Metro Detroit.

"If it does and we have some of the water on the road freezing we will just have to do salt and just stay at, keep kicking the salt out at it," said Craig Bryson, of the Oakland County Road Commission.

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