Police report: Farmington Hills murder suspect's mother says he was doing K2, spice

Mitchell Young charged with murder after deadly attack on Cipriano family in Farmington Hills


For the first time, Local 4 can reveal how Jennifer Young tried to handle her own son who was using K2. She hadn't realized how far into drugs her son was.

Mitchell Young, 20, and 19-year-old Tucker Cipriano are charged with murder and attempted murder in the deadly attack on Tucker's family. The attack left his father, Bob Cipriano, dead and his brother and mother critically injured.

As Local 4 has reported, both Young and Tucker confessed to breaking into the Farmington Hills home to steal anything of value.

According to a Farmington Hills police report on April 16, Jennifer Young, Mitchell's mother, called police to ask if what she was seeing in the news about her son was correct. She was told police cannot discuss the case. She then opened up about Mitchell Young's drug use.

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"She did not realize how far into drugs her son Mitchell was when he was arrested last year (July)," the report reads. "She stated Mitchell was doing really good until approximately a month ago. She recently discovered he was into Spice/K2."

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Local 4 has been unable to contact Jennifer Young. However, experts say this is where help is available.

"In her case, the most important thing is to get lots of support," said Alycia Starr, a care drug counselor. "Never in a million years would she have known what this drug could do to somebody."

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The police report says she gave Mitchell an ultimatum.

"She (Jennifer) confronted him (Mitchell) and gave him the option to remain in the house if he gave up drugs," the report reads. "Mitchell chose to leave the house on his own."

According to the police report, Mitchell Young returned to his mother's house where he stole several items.

"During the month after leaving, Mitchell broke into the house on different occasions and stole various items including her diamonds, wedding rings, other jewelry, aluminum pans, an iPod and female toiletries. Jennifer changed the locks on the house and access codes to prevent him from coming back."

Jennifer Young did not report the break-ins and stolen items to police. She still did not want it addressed when she spoke to police.

Experts say she could have forced Mitchell to hit rock bottom.

"She should have called the cops," said Ethan Steiner, a four-year K2 addict.

The night before the attack on the Cipriano family, Mitchell Young called his mother again, according to the police report.

"He wanted to get a TV and stereo so he could sell them for money. She refused," the report reads.

Now, she is a mother likely going through a lot of pain. Mitchell Young and Tucker Cipriano are scheduled to be back in court on Friday for more testimony.

"My mom cried, couldn't sleep, and started throwing up and going to the hospital because of stress," Steiner said.

-- Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young

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