Police reports include confessions from Tucker Cipriano, Mitchell Young

Men charged in baseball beating death of Bob Cipriano, severe injuries of 2 others

DETROIT - Local 4 has obtained the confessions of two young men charged with deadly baseball bat attacks on a metro Detroit family.

In the early morning hours of April 16, Bob Cipriano was beaten to death in his Farmington Hills home. His wife, Rose, and 17-year-old son, Sal, were severely beaten as well.

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Sal's twin, Tanner, hid under a desk in his bedroom during the attacks and escaped physically unharmed.

The Cipriano's 19-year-old son, Tucker, and 20-year-old friend Mitchell Young are charged with murder and attempted murder.

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Investigators have said the motives for the beatings were so Tucker and Young could rob the family of anything of value so they could go somewhere warm, like Mexico or Tennessee.

Tucker had been kicked out of the Farmington Hills home for previous run-ins with the law and drugs.

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Local 4 has obtained signed documents where both men waived their rights to remain silent and tell police what they did.

Young gave his statement from a bed in Botsford hospital, when he was being treated for a broken jaw. It turns out he too was struck in the head by Tucker during the attacks.

Young said he wasn't under the influence of any alcohol or prescription medication at the time of the attacks and that he had only known Tucker for about a month.

Young told police the two "came up with the idea of going to his former residence" to get "anything we could carry or use."

Young said they wore rubber gloves.

When they went into the house, "a small dog began growling and barking."

Young said "Tucker grabbed the dog by its neck and he heard the dog yelp as Tucker forced its head to the kitchen floor."

Tucker's dad turned on the kitchen life and walked in wearing only underwear.

Young said Bob Cipriano was yelling, "What the (expletive) are you doing? Get the (expletive) out of this house."

Young said Tucker "freaked" and rushed his father using the baseball bat.

When Young yelled out for Tucker to stop, Young told police Tucker told him, "You better shut up or you are going to join them."

It was then that Young said he was hit in the face by Tucker and fell to the floor.

Young said Rose Cipriano came in and yelled "Just leave. I love you and will give you money. Just leave."

Young said Tucker told him to "keep it all quiet. Keep her quiet" before handing him the bat.

Young said he pleaded with Rose to be quiet, but she wouldn't. So he began hitting her "one or two times" in the head.

During the commotion, Young said Tucker's 8-year-old sister came downstairs but that Tucker picked her up and took her back upstairs. When she came down a second time, Young said Tucker took her to the basement and told him to "keep an eye on her."

Young said he was "scared for the little girl and was unsure if Tucker was going to hurt her or not."

Young ended by telling police, "none of this was supposed to happen."

His confession is expected to be challenged in court.

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