Road crews at work across Metro Detroit following overnight snow

Wayne, Oakland, Macomb counties prepared snowplow fleets for snowfall

By Brandon Roux - Meteorologist, Segment Reporter/Producer

ROSEVILLE, Mich. - The counties which make up Metro Detroit have crews out and about taking care of the snow for your morning commute.


Wayne County road crews spent much of Thursday patching potholes, which is key while trying to prevent hidden dangers under the upcoming snowfall. The county has 158 trucks ready to move on 99 target routes. Those trucks won't be dispatched until the first flakes fall.

Oakland County's Road Commission is doing some pre-treating while the snow storm looms.

"We're also putting some liquid brine, primarily on the freeway ramps, turnarounds -- places that are traditionally problematic," said Craig Bryson, of the Road Commission.

Bryson said Oakland County also will dispatch its trucks once the snow starts. They have 50 trucks ready to go at 8 p.m. Thursday. If Oakland County gets hit hard overnight, things could get dicey for Bryson's fleet of 106 trucks.

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"We're trying to duct-tape our old trucks together and keep them running. I mean, frankly, we've got a lot of trucks that have been breaking down a lot because they are so old. We are trying to make as many repairs as we can today, get as many trucks up and available for tonight, as possible," Bryson said.

Macomb County put four trucks out at 7 p.m. Thursday. The county has 80 trucks available with 80 active volunteers and drivers. The county will salt roads first and plow after at least 1-2 inches of snow have fallen.

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