Roadway Shootings: Extra weekend patrols along I-96 corridor

WIXOM, Mich. - Take a close look at the picture. 

This man could be the key to breaking the case of the roadway shootings that have terrorized motorists in several counties along the 1-96 corridor over the past several weeks.  These images are from surveillance video shot last Saturday at a Mobil gas station in Brighton. It's the same day a man was shot in his vehicle headed to the World Series.

"He may have seen something. We want to find who he is or if he saw something," Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard told Local 4.

This weekend will be a busy one as people take to the road headed for East Lansing for MSU football.  And thousands from across the state will travel to Detroit to take part in the 48 high school band competition at Ford Field. If you travel along I-96 this weekend, you'll notice a heavy police presence, not only on the road but also in the air.

"Our helicopter is going to be going up and down the freeway keeping an eye on things. We're going to have marked, unmarked extra patrols in all the areas," said Bouchard.

Investigators will stake out bridges and overpasses, spanning miles. Some traveler will be extra cautious and others will avoid I-96 altogether.

"I don't drive I-96 anymore. Just because I don't feel safe," said Corey Jones. 

Becki Black still travels I-96 despite the shootings.

"I have to do what I have to do and if it involves driving to work and back then that's what I have to do. Can't live in fear," said Black.

So far a special task force on the case has received over 2,000 tips.  There are 100 people working the case full time 24 hours a day.

A reward for information leading to an arrest now stands at $102,000.

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