Royal Oak has new trash pickup plan

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - Almost two weeks after the historic floods hit metro Detroit, there's finally some good news for residents in Royal Oak.

Many cities have not had their trash picked up yet, and in Royal Oak, it's noticeable that garbage trucks are days, if not a week, behind schedule. It is not just a frustration for residents to have to throw out so many belongings, but to have them piled at the curb is also an eyesore to the city.

To help clean up these neighborhoods, Royal Oak has been lucky enough to gain use of some extra trucks to get the trash off the streets. However, they are still short-handed.

Mayor Jim Ellison has been dedicatedly working with the Rizzo truck company to hash out a plan to get all the piles of trash picked up in the next few days.  

In result, they were able to arrange an additional 60 trucks to make the rounds and finish collecting what's left of the piled-up trash this weekend.

"If we can get everyone to get their trash out there, keep their cars off the street and get these 60 trucks going, we should make a huge dent in what we've got," said Ellison.

This plan is expected to take only one day to complete, and the trucks should have all the remaining garbage collected by Saturday.

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