Storm damage causes unexpected evictions notices in Sterling Heights

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. - Dealing with the storm damage has been rough on everyone affected. But some people are being forced to give up more than just what the storm destroyed.

The Laurel Valley apartment complex at 16 Mile and Dequindre Roads in Sterling Heights is experiencing the worst of the storm days later. It's bad enough that many are left cleaning up from the flood, but now unexpected eviction notices are being passed out to residents regardless of storm damage or not.

"We lost our cars, our home and some people lost their jobs, and they're asking us to move now?" said resident Anmar Eshaq.

The letters came to their doors notifying them that the damage in the apartments are causing major health problems and the management company is canceling the leases on 20 apartments. They are being asked to turn in their keys, get a refund on security deposits and the rest of the month's rent.

"What are we supposed to do in three to four days?" said Eshaq. "How can we move to somewhere else?"

Residents were told that if they don't comply, then possible eviction notices could go out in the next 10 days. While some are going to take their chances and wait out the notice, others have already started looking for other places to live.

Dennis Reece II, another apartment resident, encountered an even bigger problem when searching for options.

"We haven't found anywhere to go," said Reece. "There's just nothing available for us."

This only builds their frustration leaves them desperate for answers.

"At least give us a solution where you can move us into an apartment while you fix this," he said. "Take the carpet up, give us an extension, give us at least a month where we can move our stuff out and find a different location to move into."

Residents have already taken their concerns to the apartment office in attempt to work out a temporary deal, when they discovered the doors were locked and no one would answer.  

As of now, these residents don't know where to go or what they are going to do. But the one thing they are sure of is that they are not going to give up until they get some sort of resolution. 

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