Tucker Cipriano has new look as murder trial jury selection starts

Cipriano murder trial defendant is clean-cut, clutches Bible as trial begins

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

PONTIAC, Mich. -

Tucker Cipriano does not look the same as when he was arrested for allegedly beating his father to death with a baseball bat in 2012 at the family's Farmington Hills home.

Prosecutors say Cipriano and Mitchell Young killed the elder Cipriano and critically injured Tucker's mother, Rose, and his brother, Sal, during a alleged robbery.

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When Tucker Cipriano was arrested and made his first court appearances, he was reportedly under the influence of drugs.

In a recent court appearance, his hair was longer and he had facial hair. But as jury selection began Monday, Tucker Cipriano had close-cropped hair. He was dressed conservatively and he was clutching a Bible.

His attorney, Mitch Ribitwer, said his client's spirituality is not new.

"He has been spiritual. His family has a strong base in the Catholic Church. I know that he went to church on a regular basis as a young person. His family is very active  in the church community and Catholic Central High School, so yes, he does have a strong religious base," Ribitwer said.

Tucker Cipriano's drug problems are a thing of the past, according to attorney Ribitwer, who added Cipriano is remorseful.

"He's distraught and he's very disturbed and upset and he understands the reality of the situation and he's hoping the best for the family. He doesn't want to put his family through this type of trauma," Ribitwer said.

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Jury selection may move slowly, because of the widespread media coverage of the crime.

There is hope a jury can be seated and opening statements made by the end of this week. The trial is expected to last less than two weeks.


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