Macomb County medical examiner defends heavy workload

Dr. Daniel Spitz appears before Macomb County Commission

By Roger Weber - Reporter

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. - Macomb County medical examiner Dr. Daniel Spitz responded to a subpoena Friday and appeared before the county commission to answer questions about his workload.

In addition to his work for Macomb County, Dr. Spitz serves as medical examiner for St. Clair County, and does outside work as a private consultant.

Chairman of the board of commissioners, David Flynn, said county residents deserve to know about Dr. Spitz' activities.

"People need answers in a public forum about his $377,000 contract," Flynn said.

Appearing before the commissioners, Dr. Spitz defended his outside work.

"What I choose to do in other times, provided it doesn't interfere with the work that is being done here, really shouldn't be of major concern," Spitz said.

Spitz has been under criticism for performing too many autopsies, but he says his caseload is within national standards.

"I think your question is more of do you have the time to be in Macomb County and do the work that needs to be done. And I think the answer to that is a resounding yes," Spitz said.

The Medical Examiner's Office has added a second pathologist. Dr. Spitz and his assistant are fully accredited, but the medical examiner's office is not accredited.  Dr. Spitz says that will happen sometime next year.

Macomb County's contract with Dr. Spitz expires at the end of the year.  While Dr. Spitz said he would like to have another contract, but commissioner chairman David Flynn said he would like to see it go out for bid.

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