Macomb County residents recovering following snowfall

Residents dealing with more than 5 inches of snow

By Will Jones - Reporter

MACOMB COUNTY - "I'm glad I'm off work today. But here I'm out here working anyways." When it comes to shoveling the snow, Kathy Schaal lets her son do most of the heavy lifting at their home in Warren. "He is much faster. I got a bad back already. I am like oh my god this is killing me."

Vernon Schaal, "I don't mind doing. I like shoveling."

For most it's hard work but for Chuck Kurzawa it is a breeze. "This is round two for him with the snow blower.  And he says he wants more snow. "I have already done it once today. When I first woke up there was probably about four or five inches. I went back in and looked again there was enough to do it again."

Shelly Podgorski was thinking about going to the gym.  A few minutes into shoveling her driveway she's now reconsidering.  "It is exercise so I may not go the gym because this is plenty of exercise for sure."

Back to the mother and son shoveling duo, they're all done with the driveway. Now it's time to relax.

Kathy Schaal "I want to go have a nice fire and maybe some hot cocoa. That's my plan. I'm sitting in front of the fireplace and watching it snow."

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