Macomb County Sheriff: Crooks using pizza coupons to case houses

Thieves using restaurant coupon flyers as way to get closer to homes

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. - You could call them "coupon criminals."

They are pizza place imposters who are using that front as a way to case houses and cars in Macomb Township.

Louie Sardi owns Louie's Pizza. He's gone out to neighborhoods several times to drum up business by passing out coupon fliers, but he wears a Louie's hat and T-shirt to let people know he's legitimate.

Now, in the neighborhood at 23 Mile and Card Road, thieves are grabbing up stacks of fliers from nearby businesses and then walking those fliers up to houses. But Macomb County Sheriff Tony Wickersham says the crooks are using the fliers as a front to go door-to-door in order to check if anyone is home or has left a door open.

"It's getting them closer to your home -- whether they take a look at what you have inside your home or maybe your front door is open," Wickersham said. "They're seeing which one of these homes is going to be a target."

Wickersham said all residents needs to lock their doors, keep garage doors closed and make sure valuables are not out in the open.

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