Man accidently receives 11 pounds of marijuana by mistake

Sacramento man George Burton was not expecting any packages, especially not this one

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SACRAMENTO, CA - In what seems like a dream sequence from a Cheech and Chong movie, Sacramento resident George Burton was caught in more of a nightmare.

Burton wasn't expecting any packages, so he was surprised to see one left on his porch Thursday. The package had his name on it, with the return address handwritten on it.

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Burton cut it open to find a layer of spray Styrofoam. "We break into it, I look and say, 'This isn't what I think it is,'" Burton told Sacramento's KXTV.

It was indeed what he thought it was; 11 pounds of marijuana.

He turned the pot over to police, who believe he was randomly chosen to receive the package. But Burton and his fiancée decided to temporarily leave their home out of fear the intended recipient may resort to violence after finding out the pot, worth about $24,000, is now gone.

"I'm really concerned someone is going to come looking for this," Burton said. "People have gotten hurt for a lot less than $24,000 worth of marijuana."

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