Man calls 911 for weed, Kool-Aid

Jarvis Sutton arrested after dialing operators 80 times

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PETERSBURG, Fla. - All Jarvis Sutton wanted was Kool-Aid, some burgers and a little weed. But he called the wrong folks to get them.

According to police, the 34-year-old St. Petersburg, Fla., man called 911 about 80 times on Sunday requesting the items, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

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Sutton admitted to making the calls.

And apparently, he was still pretty hungry.

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On the way to the police station, he started chewing on the foam attached to the metal caging in the back of a police cruiser, according to The Associated Press.

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Sutton faces a charge of misusing the 911 system, and remained in the Pinellas County jail Wednesday.

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