Man ends up in jail after trying to rob 3 different places in Detroit

Police caught up with him after he tried to rob bank in Detroit

DETROIT - A 39-year-old man is in jail after trying to rob three different businesses on the same street in Detroit, and failing each time.

Police say Ricky Moore walked into the Walgreens on Jefferson Avenue and approached the pharmacy counter. He handed over a note announcing a hold-up and demanded thousands of dollars in cash. The clerk told Moore to get lost, and refused to give him money, so Moore left.

Police say he then walked to a Tim Hortons on Jefferson Avenue and attempted a robbery there. Again, he handed over a note announcing the robbery and demanded cash. The clerk told him they didn't have any money and they were going to call police.

That's when Moore left.

He then walked to the Chase Bank on Jefferson Avenue where, again, he announced a robbery by slipping the teller a note, and again he was turned away.

The tellers then locked him in between the doors at the entrance to the bank and called police.

Moore was arrested and taken to jail.

Police are still putting the case against Moore together and reviewing surveillance video from Walgreens and the bank.

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