Man finds, returns Woodhaven restaurant's money bag

85-year-old man finds lost bag with $4,700 inside, returns it to restaurant

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

WOODHAVEN, Mich. - It's business as usual at Stevie B's Pizza Buffet in Woodhaven. But this family-owned restaurant would have lost nearly $5,000 if it weren't for an 85-year-old man and his bike.

"How everything is going out there, it's so surprising a man brought the money, especially an amount that big," said Judonne, manager of Stevie B's.

Frank Yost, of Trenton, went for a bike ride Monday morning, like he usually does. The paint on his bike is faded, the basket a little rusty, but they've always been Frank's trusty set of wheels.

"I ride a few times a week, it's how I get my exercise," said Yost.

He was riding along West Road near Allen Road and turned around behind a shopping plaza when he noticed something on the ground.

"I saw this blue bag just lying there," Yost said. "So I picked it up opened it, when I saw the money, I zipped it right back up and brought it home."

Inside was $4,700. It was the deposit bag from the restaurant full of cash and receipts.

But this 85-year-old had no intention of keeping it. After putting the blue bank bag in his basket, he showed his wife when he got home and immediately called the Woodhaven police.

"I told him you have to take that to the police," said his wife, Bertha Yost.

"It's just what you're supposed to do," Frank said. "It wasn't mine and I knew someone would be so happy when they knew it was safe."

Woodhaven police tell Local 4 the owner of the restaurant had simply dropped it and there was no criminal intent. It was just luck that Frank was the one who found it.

"I'd like to believe 99 percent of people would do that same thing," said Bertha. "But there's always that one percent that may steal $5 or $10 thinking that it wouldn't make a difference."

Turning the money in to police made a world of difference to the workers at Stevie B's. They are just grateful it was Frank riding his bike that morning and not the one percent.

"It was what I had to do, it's how I was raised," said Yost.

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