Man finds urn in basement of foreclosed St. Clair Shores home

Homeowner was fixing up home when he found urn

By Jay Kuhlman - Live In The D Producer


A man in St. Clair Shores is trying to solve a mystery after he found an urn in the basement of a home he purchased to turn into a rental property.

Jason Frey says he was shocked when he made the discovery, and now he just wants to get the urn to the rightful owner.

I was shocked," said Jason. "I never expected to find a box of cremated remains in the basement," said Frey

"Who was this guy? What was his back story? How did he end up here in this basement of all places and with somebody leaving him?" he said.

A card attached to the box says the remains are of Stephen Michael Parks. He was 49-years-old when he died back in 2004. Frey also found information that shows the deceased was cremated at Evergreen Cemetery on Woodward Ave. near the state fair grounds.

"It's a person. I mean he had a life and a family and hopefully somebody wants him" said Frey.

The most recent owner of the home was a mortgage company so Frey had no luck contacting the previous owner.

Until he is able to find a family member Frey says he will hold on to the remains of Mister Parks.

"If nobody claims him I guess I'll probably take him back to the cemetery that was on the tag," said Frey. "I'm hoping that we find somebody for him."

It's a mystery that has this new homeowner eager for answers.  

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