Man helps missing women escape from Cleveland home

Angel Cordero is main witness in missing Cleveland women investigation after he helps Amanda Berry escape from home

CLEVELAND - When Angel Cordero heard Amanda Berry frantically screaming for help he jumped into action.

"I go by the door. I said, 'What happened?' She said, 'I've been kidnapped for 10 years, call the police,'" Cordero said.

His heart was racing when he got to the door. He was afraid, not knowing if he was in danger himself.

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Cordero started kicking the door. He was able to pry it open just enough for Berry to escape.

"When Amanda came out, she said, 'I need to call the police. He's coming back. He went to McDonald's for food, but he coming back. I need the police,'" said Cordero.

Within minutes, police showed up and a 10-year-old mystery was solved. Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus all were found safe. Berry had a daughter during the captivity. The 6-year-old was rescued, too.

"Amanda was dirty. The daughter didn't have any clothes," said Cordero.

He said the women did not look good.

The home on Cleveland's west side belongs to Ariel Castro. He was arrested along with his two brothers Pedro and Onil.

Cordero now is one of the main witnesses in the investigation. He says FBI agents gave him a glimpse of what the women endured. He says they were raped and beaten, and chained to a bed.

The basement was sound-proof. No one heard the girls screaming for help.

Until Monday night when Angel Cordero came to the rescue.

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