Man killed by lightning in Pittsfield Township

32-year-old Dustin Flodin found dead under tree in Montibeller Park

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®


He was found Wednesday night at Montibeller Park in Pittsfield Township.

Dustin Flodin was at the far end of the park near the tree line. Despite the emergency equipment nearby, Flodin lost his life by making the wrong choice when seeking shelter from the storm.

The 32-year-old Saline man's family members say they don't know what exactly brought him out to the park on Wednesday. Police believe Flodin was sitting under a tree when the lightning struck it about 8 p.m. The strike split the tree down the middle.

Soon after, engineer Jeff Poliner was walking two dogs in the park. The worst of the weather had passed.

"I kind of came over the hill and saw what looked like a man lying under a tree. At first I thought it was just someone hanging out, taking a nap, relaxing. As I got closer, something didn't look right," said Poliner. "I could tell his skin color wasn't right and I was calling to him, and went up and touched his shoulder."

There was no one else in the park at that time. Poliner decided to immediately run across the park to the Pittsfield Township Fire Department.

"It was upsetting and I was dealing with dogs that didn't want to be around the situation," said Poliner.

When emergency personnel arrived at the tree they found there was nothing they could do.

An autopsy on Thursday revealed it was the lightning that killed Flodin.

He had a 7-year-old son.

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