Man killed outside friend's front door, shot 12 times

Victim was paying contractor for work when he was jumped in Detroit

By Jay Kuhlman - Live In The D Producer

DETROIT - Detroit Police are looking for whoever attacked a man who traveled into Detroit to pay a contractor for work done.

Chris Best was shot and killed when he went to pay his friend Chris O'Brien, who lives on Avery street, for work O'Brien had done on his Redford home.

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Police say that's when Best was attacked by someone with a gun. The shooter got off at least 20 shots and hit Best 12 times. Best died outside the front door of his friends home.

"I grabbed my gun and I went out there and he was just laying there," said Chris O'Brien. "He was laying there still alive and I said, 'Chris. Oh my god'."

O'Brien is still mourning the loss of his friend, and says he is concerned that the gunman is still on the loose.

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"I gotta come home every day, I gotta live here," said O'Brien.

Police are tracking Best's final hour to see if they can find anymore clues or if anyone followed him to that home in Detroit with the intention of attacking him.

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