Man questioned about threats against students in Taylor

Police say teacher overheard man's threats about harming students

By Halston Herrera - Digital news editor

TAYLOR, Mich. - Taylor police say a man who reportedly made threats that prompted an alert from the school district on Wednesday is in custody and being questioned.

Police said a teacher on Monday heard the man, who has not yet been identified, uttering threats about harming students outside the Taylor School Board Office.

The school district said they were informed by police of the situation and made the decision to send out an alert to parents about the district being in "secure mode."

The school described the man in question as white, 40 to 50 years old, wearing a baseball cap backwards and driving a white van or truck.

Police said the man was found and is being held on an unrelated warrant out of Romulus.

Taylor police said they will question the man about the incident before turning him over to Romulus police.

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