Man receives mystery check for injured girl

Settlement check made out to 6-year-old victim

DETROIT - It's the kind of mail you want to get -- not junk, not bills, but a legitimate check with quite a few zeroes. That's exactly what happened to one Detroit man, but he knew off the bat the money wasn't his and where it needed to go to.

In 2008 Kevin and Jessica Gray's daughter, 6-year-old Kivani, was playing outside her home on Seymour when an erratic driver came racing through the yard, severely injuring her.

Six years later, George Potts, who lived in the neighborhood at the time of the accident, now lives in the home that belonged to the Grays at the time of the incident. He got the letter in a mail Friday afternoon with a sizable settlement check written out to Kavani.

"It blew me away, Potts said."

Potts said he never forgot the little girl, so him and his sister went searching for the Grays but came up short.

After contacting Local 4 and the police about the check, Potts was able to track down the family.

"I'm just overwhelmed at the honesty," said Jessica Gray. "They are a blessing. We've struggled, we've overcome, and to God be the glory. That's all I can say."

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