Man rips off Detroit's Red Bull House of Art

Surveillance video shows man rob art gallery

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

DETROIT - A place committed to Detroit and committed to creating was just ripped off.

The Red Bull House of Art at Detroit's Eastern Market was robbed on Mother's Day weekend. But the robber didn't have an eye for priceless pieces. He cleared out the gallery's supplies but was caught in the act by surveillance cameras.

Table saws, drills, even speakers were spotted on a trolly. When the alarms sounded and police arrived, employees told say officers couldn't find evidence of a break-in. No windows were broken and there was no sign of forced entry. That's because the man knew there was another way into the House of Art -- through the door in the attached apartments.

"That is scary to think about," said Erika Brockberg. "Especially because he figured out the way to get in through my building but that's just scary."

Brockberg lives in the building attached to the Red Bull House of Art. She's stunned the Eastern Market hot spot was a target and that her building was the key to his crime.

"I think this type of thing does a lot of sway people from coming to the area," said Brockberg. "It scares people, makes them nervous and rightfully so but when this place came in it did a lot for the area, it's a pretty cool place."

Employees told Local 4 the man caught on surveillance video is no stranger to Eastern Market. He has been seen at the art center talking with artists, employees and showed interest in the gallery. Others also say he's been spotted working just up with road with a palette company.

The gallery was able to replace all of the stolen items within a matter of days. Management told Local 4 a police report has been filed and they are working with police to find the man who stole their items.

If you recognize the man in the photo you're asked to call Detroit police.

Full statement released by Red House House of Art:

Red Bull House of Art was broken into on Mother's Day weekend. However, this in no way deters us of our mission to continue to give Detroit artists and their work the creative and expressive freedom they deserve. Red Bull House of Art will continue to move forward, celebrating our second annual Synesthesia event on Thursday, and we will be open for normal gallery hours on Saturday.

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