Man says his Titanic ship model is haunted

Virginia man claims to see ghostly image in portholes

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A man in Portsmouth, Va., said his 9-foot-long, 200-pound homemade replica of the RMS Titanic may be haunted.

Wyatt Jason Moore said the museum-quality replica ship was finished in 2004, and took him 17,368 hours and more than nine years to complete, WTKR-TV reported.

However, Moore told the TV station that when he recently shot a few photos of the model -- to create a large photo composite -- he noticed an unexplained image in the portholes just above the life boats.

"I couldn't make it out until I looked at it very carefully, and I found it was a bald headed man with a handle bar mustache, and I said to myself, 'What's he doing there?' Maybe it was someone that was aboard the Titanic that found a new home for himself," he told WTKR.

Moore said the thought of his replica of the ill fated ocean liner being an actual "ghost ship" doesn't scare him.

He said he just thinks the model should be on display in a museum so more people can enjoy the ghost tale as well.

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