Man shoots attempted robber at Detroit gas station

Shooting happened at Sunoco gas station near Joy and Hubbell Roads

DETROIT - A man is in the hospital after being shot when he allegedly tried to rob a man who had a gun at a gas station on Detroit's west side.

According to police, a man stopped at Sunoco Gas Station near Joy and Hubbell roads Friday night. He went into the station and when he was walking back to his car two men attacked him and tried to rob him.

"I think it's just terrible, it's bold," said a woman who asked not to be identified.

During the altercation, the man pulled a gun, which he is licensed to carry, and fired one round at one of the suspected robbers. He struck him in the chest, the other man got away.

"I think it's terrible because it was just yesterday that three guys robbed the liquor store. But this right here is terrible. It's too close to home, said the woman.

People who live nearby tell Local 4 they are tired of seeing crime tape in their community.

"I want to see that it gets cleaned up, that's all," said the woman.

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