Man shoots girl, woman during fireworks dispute before long standoff in St. Clair Shores

Police say man fired shots at authorities

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. - Two people, including a young girl, were shot Thursday night, leading to a police standoff that has carried into Friday morning in St. Clair Shores, according to authorities.

Police said the 60-year-old man got upset around 10 p.m. Thursday near Saint Margaret Street and East 13 Mile Road because his neighbors were lighting off fireworks for the Fourth of July.

Police blocked off the area near Saint Margaret Street and East 13 Mile Road due to a standoff that began July 4, 2019. (WDIV)

Authorities said his neighbor was outside enjoying the festivities with her niece, mother and other members of the family. They were lighting off fireworks and sparklers, officials said.

The man went outside and got into an argument with his neighbor because he didn't like the noise and wanted them to leave, according to authorities. He went back to his home, came out with a laser affixed to a rifle, went back in to get another rifle and then started firing shots, officials said.

"He came back out with the laser beam again," his neighbor said. "He's aiming it. No one paid him any attention. At this point, he walks directly across the street, he puts his arm up and just starts firing at the kids. Then he starts firing when we were running, scattering, getting the kids in the house. Then, he opens fire again, started aiming at anyone who didn't make it in the house."

A fireworks dispute sparked a standoff that began on the Fourth of July in St. Clair Shores. (WDIV)

A 62-year-old woman who didn't make it inside the house was shot in the calf, police said.

A bullet went straight through the arm of a young girl, police said.

The man then started randomly firing shots at other people and homes, according to authorities."When I called them, I'm telling them, 'This man is threatening to blow our brains out. He said he has a .44,'" his neighbor said. "(They said), 'Do you see a gun?' I said, 'No I don't.' (They said), 'Does he have it now?' I said, 'He says he's going to get it.' (They said), 'Well, where is he now?' I said, 'He's standing on his porch. Now he's walking toward us. He's aiming the gun. He's shooting. He's shooting.'

"They can hear it. He shot the door screens out. My mother was shot in her leg. My niece was shot in her arm."

While officials were trying to take care of the shooting victims, the man started firing shots at the officers. That's when the shooting turned into a barricaded situation, police said.

Armed police officers involved in a stanoff in St. Clair Shores on July 5, 2019. (WDIV)

Family members told police the man called them and said it would be the last time they would hear from him.

Officers from St. Clair Shores and Michigan State Police are still trying to determine the man's location inside the home.

A robot was used to ram the front door repeatedly and enter the home, police said.

Michigan State Police Bomb Squad members brought in a second robot around 6:30 a.m. Friday. They said the second robot has better traction to get up the porch and through some of the debris that was created when police used the battering ram to bust out doors and windows.

The second robot went through to home to search for the man or his body, police said. A third robot has also been used, MSP officials said.

Michigan State Police used a robot to ram the door of the barricaded home. (WDIV)

A robot was sent to the barricaded home to search for the gunman. (WDIV)

A third robot used by police during a barricaded situation in St. Clair Shores. (WDIV)

The neighborhood is on lockdown and nobody has been allowed back inside their homes, police said. Anyone who is already inside nearby homes has been told to stay away from doors and windows and go to the basement, if possible, because the man has been randomly firing shots throughout the standoff, according to officials.

As of noon Friday, police said the man is still firing shots at officers and robots when they approach the home. They said the standoff has lasted more than 12 hours and they expect it to continue.

"Throughout the night we've made contact with him," St. Clair Shores police Deputy Chief Gary Crandall said. "We've tried to get him to come out of the house and surrender on multiple occasions throughout the night. He shot at officers again, and officers' vehicles."

Neighbors said the man lives at the home with his girlfriend. Police would not confirm whether she or anyone else is in the house with the man.

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