Man upset over sandwich price, pulls knife on Dearborn cafe owner

Man faces charges after police say he argued price of sandwich at Mango's Cafe, pulled knife on owner

By Sandra Ali - Anchor/Reporter


An argument over a chicken sub sandwich has landed one Dearborn man in jail.

On Wednesday evening, 26-year-old Zachary Teeters called Mango's Cafe in Dearborn to place an order for a chicken sub. When he went to the restaurant on West Warren Avenue to pick it up, he got into an argument with the owner over the price of the sandwich.

Teeters told police he thought it was advertised online for $3. When the restaurant owner charged him $7.95 for the sandwich, Teeters threw a fit. He knocked over a donation box on the counter. That's when, police say, Teeters pulled out a knife and threatened the owner.

"So the owner, he said, 'If he asked me nicely I would give it to him for free.' But (Teeters) was just demanding, you know, 'You need to give it to me at that (price)," said Bayadaa Albayati, an employee at Mango's.

Teeters took off running through a parking lot and onto Warren Avenue. The owner had called police and officers caught up with Teeters just a flew blocks away and arrested him.

"So you want to kill somebody because of a sub?" Albayati said, shaking her head.

Teeters went before a judge Friday morning. He could serve four years in prison if convicted of charges.

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