Man uses made-up janitorial service to receive marijuana by mail in Melvindale

1 shipment contained dozens of cans marked 'cleaning supplies'

By Kevin Dietz - Reporter

MELVINDALE, Mich. - Police have broken up a sophisticated scheme where a man allegedly used a made-up janitorial service to receive shipments of marijuana in the mail.

Investigators told the Local 4 Defenders that Gino Solomon was picking up pounds of pot in the Melvindale mail. It was all shipped to him from Arizona.

The feds said the drugs were addressed to "Browns Janitorial Service," a fake business Solomon used a front to receive the drugs. He would then sell the drugs across the Metro Detroit area.

Inspectors said they intercepted multiple shipments in the mail including one instance where a dozen tin cans were marked "cleaning supplies," but inside each one was a pound of pot.

"I know they do their best at making sure illegal substances aren't sent through the mail," said Melvindale resident Anneka Hernadez.

Postal inspectors said their investigation lead them to Coyle Street in Detroit where they found Gino Solomon. Inside his home were loaded hand guns, loaded long guns, marijuana and keys to dozens of post office boxes.

A check of Solomon's record showed convictions for bad checks, controlled substances, and felony murder.

Solomon's fake janitorial service is now out of commission and he is behind bars.

Solomon was charged in Federal Court for the crime. He is going to plead guilty to the marijuana charges, and the gun charges against him will be dropped.

He is expected to be sentenced later this summer.

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