Many head out to brave the cold

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - It was a perfect night to stay in, but with a lot of events going on around town, plenty of brave folks decided to head out anyway. A little snow wasn't going to stop them from having a good night out.

Fire and the cold weather were not a good combination over at the 555 holiday artists bazaar Saturday night in Southwest Detroit. They were making art with hot metal outside.

Unfortunately, the road conditions kept many away from the art show.

Over at the Joe, the Red Wings game was sold out, but half of the ticket-holders didn't turn out.

However, no amount of snow could have stopped some die hard fans from coming out.

At campus Martius, the snow was merely a nice backdrop for the skaters who were on the ice.

Temperatures are expected to continue dropping through Monday, but will begin warming up Tuesday.

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