McDonald's diner: Roach fell from ceiling onto food

Health inspectors substantiate insect claim

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Florida health inspectors were called out to a McDonald's restaurant in Tampa after a diner complained that a roach fell from the ceiling of the eatery and onto their food.

WTSP-TV reported that the roach incident occurred in May and prompted health officials to visit the restaurant, located on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Officials said during that inspection they were denied access to the kitchen area, but they were later able to enter and document 21 violations -- including seven considered critical.

According to the TV station, the inspector was able to substantiate the complaint of roaches in the restaurant.

Officials with McDonald's provided WTSP with a response to the violations saying, "The safety and cleanliness of our McDonald's restaurants are of the utmost importance to us. We always comply and regularly exceed standards for health inspections.

"A recent health inspector's report referenced a situation that was the result of confusion between the inspector and McDonald's protocol. The restaurant staff followed procedure and received supervisor approval and the inspector was admitted to conduct his inspection. The findings were acted upon and the restaurant is in complete compliance with health regulations."

There was no word on whether the restaurant diner in the original complaint was given a refund after their close encounter.

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