Medical complications suspected as cause for deadly Rochester Hills crash

Driver killed in Rochester Hills crash was to receive liver transplant


A deadly car crash in Rochester was not caused by alcohol, as police originally suspected. 

Instead, it appears the crash was caused by the victim's own liver failure.

Kim Miller, 57, of Lapeer, had suffered Stage 4 liver failure. She had been on a waiting list for a transplant for three years.  Miller was scheduled to travel to Cleveland this week for a transplant.

But last Friday, on Adams Road in Rochester, Miller's car swerved repeatedly and hit another vehicle head on. Miller died in the crash.

Her daughter, Nicole Miller, said the liver failure likely caused the accident.

"Toxin buildup can cause mental confusion and episodes of dizziness," Miller said.

Nicole Miller said it was most heartbreaking because her mother was looking forward to the life-saving transplant.

"She kept saying this was going to be her second chance at life.  Even in the privacy of her own journal she was optimistic and so full of life and fight and that's what breaks my heart the most is that she went too soon," Miller said.

The Oakland County medical examiner confirmed there was no alcohol in Kim Miller's system at the time of the crash.

Nicole Miller must now cope with the loss of her mother.

"She was a beautiful person and everybody who knew her would say she was good to everybody," Miller said.

The family is now making funeral arrangements.

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