Meet golf equipment extraordinaire Christopher Darakdjian

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My name is Christopher Darakdjian.

I am a certified master club fitter/builder and founder of Pure Impact Golf Studio. In the next few months I will be educating you about the benefits of club fitting and how to find the right equipment best suited for your unique swing.

The fact that the average golfer knows little more about golf equipment other than what hear or see on TV, results in purchases of clubs ill suited for there needs making this already difficult game VERY frustrating.

Because there are no industry set standards, the tolerances from different manufacturers will very from one set to another.  Through years of testing and fitting thousands of golfers ,I have found wide variances of shaft stiffness, loft settings, and lie angles causing golfers to hit clubs within the same set inconsistently.

With technology today, fitting has become much easier. Company's have made leaps and bounds, but the key is being able to translate the data properly, allowing us to identify the right combinations for to achieve optimal performance. 

By using state of the art Trackman technology we able to take a golfers swing and measure there swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, full ball trajectory, spin rates, there carry and angle of decent, as well as there club delivery and ball dispersion. We also take into account there tempo and were the club is being released.

Once this is achieved we would then interpret the data and put together several different combinations from various club and shaft manufacturers allowing you  to swing and load the club properly. The goal is to let the club work for you, creating a tighter shot dispersion and an increase of yardage.


Christopher Darakdjian 

Pure Impact Golf Studio

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