Men cause chaos at Five Guys restaurant in Detroit's Greektown

2 men arrested after causing trouble at Greektown restaurant

By Priya Mann - Reporter, Derick Hutchinson

DETROIT - Terrified customers looked on as a rowdy group of men caused chaos inside a busy Greektown restaurant.

Witnesses said the men were looking for trouble as they got rowdy inside the Five Guys restaurant in Greektown. They men were throwing drinks, yelling obscenities and even trying to pick up the cash register, witnesses said.

"They guy in the blue hat picked up the potatoes and threw them," a witness said. "That was the first thing."

The scene at Five Guys turned violent Sunday after the Lions game.

"Everything escalated so quickly," the witness said. "It was very chaotic, very hectic. It went from two to 12 in seconds."

The witness said the young men were drunk and looking for a fight.

"They bumped into four females on accident and when the females said something, they were, like, 'F all you Bs' and cussed at them," the witness said.

Workers told the group to leave, but it didn't work.

"I was wondering if they had a gun," the witness said. "I was wondering how disrespectful they were going to get. There was obviously no boundaries. It didn't matter if you were a woman, a man, older, younger. It didn't matter."

The incident happened around 9:30 p.m. Sunday, when Downtown Detroit was still packed with families. When Detroit police arrived, the men tried to sneak out, but within minutes, both were in handcuffs.

"The workers were outside crying and one lady was pregnant and she was scared because she said she doesn't know how she's going to pay the bills," the witness said.

The witness said she was embarrassed to see the display at a time when the city is trying to change its image.

"People are feeling safe, and for them to go down there and cause a such ruckus and embarrass the city is just terrible, because we're going forward, not backwards," the witness said.

There is additional security on Fridays and Saturdays, but not on Sundays.

Police are investigating. The two men have not yet been charged.

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