Men from different faith, different state help in Dexter after tornado

4 men travel 120 miles to help

DEXTER, Mich. - Four men from Indiana traveled to Dexter, Michigan to do whatever is necessary to help the community rebuild and get back to normal.

Ed Teegardin with the group Samaritan's Purse traveled 120 miles from Hamilton Indiana to help cut up trees and clean up yards where last weeks tornadoes have left unimaginable damage.

His neighbors, Alvin, Sam and Paul volunteered to come with him to help Ed as well. The three men are Amish and didn't hear about the storms, but jumped at the opportunity to help.

They've been working on the property of Sue Johnson who says she's thankful for the work being done.

"I just can't believe it," said Sue. "It's great. I mean they came from so far away and everybody here is overwhelmed with the generosity of everybody."

Sue tried to give Ed and his friends money for their work, but they refused. Instead she planned on making them dinner which was more than enough for these volunteers.

"We're looking forward to that. I do work for food," said Ed.

Ed and his Amish friends plan to work in the area for the next three days before returning home to Indiana.

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