Men invade home, steal homeowner's purse and car in Eastpointe

Police say victim found 2 men in home, they stole purse before fleeing in her car

EASTPOINTE, Mich. - Eastpointe police are looking for two men who they say broke into a woman's home on Friday morning.

Vicky Page says she was asleep on her couch at 4:30 this morning when she heard a noise in the kitchen. She got up to investigate and saw two men.

"I walked in here and said 'What are you doing?'  I was shocked," she said.

Page tried to run away, but the men held her on the floor and put a blanket over her head. She feared they would suffocate her.

"I said 'I don't want to die.' He lifted the blanket up enough for me to breathe."

She points to red marks on her wrists where the men used shoelaces to tie her up. They also tied her ankles. They carried her to the basement and escaped out a side door.

They took her silver Dodge Caravan, cash and her purse. She believes the men got in to the house through a side door. It was locked at the door knob, but the deadbolt wasn't in place. They were inside for about 30 minutes. The house remained dark, so Page didn't get a good look at the men.

"I work two jobs and give money to charity. I try to help people. I'm so furious. Why don't they get a job?"

Page's husband Joe died in January. She has lived in the home for 41 years, but may not be there for long.

"I don't think I'll be safe here."

The woman's vehicle that has gone missing is a 2003 Dodge Caravan with license plate 0HXJ36.

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