Men pose as police officers, tie up family in Detroit home

Victims say men storm into home, telling everyone to get down because it was a raid

DETROIT - Detroit police are seeking four or five who are posing as officers to get the jump on victims during home invasions.

At 10 p.m. on Monday night, they came through the front door of Pastor Steve Arthur's home on Detroit's west side.

"They said that they were the police and this was a raid. And everyone get on the floor right now," Arthur told Local 4. "That's what I did and the next thing I know, they went through the house."

They were successful because they took control and caught the family off guard at the early seconds of the crime. Arthur said it took him a minute to understand what was happening because he initially believed they were police.

"For a moment I did. When they came in I saw police on their shirts," Arthur says.

The men tied up Arthur, his wife and teenage daughter on the floor and ransacked the house - all with guns drawn.

A friend who was driving by the house, saw the front door partially open and activity inside so they called 911. But the robbers were gone by the time real police arrived.

Arthur is pastor of The New Starlight Baptist Church in Detroit and says he's praying for the guys who broke in and may be doing other crimes. But he also says this is a wake-up call for all of Detroit.

"Especially when all the officers that are being laid off now, that's a wake up call to the council and the mayor it's just giving people more ammunition to target citizens," the Pastor says.

Police have only a vague description, 4 black males, large build wearing dark clothing with "police" written on the front of their shirts.


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