Mess remains 3 years after Detroit demolition mistake

Junk piling up in dangerous hole in ground on Moran Street

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - A three-year-old mistake continues to haunt a Detroit neighborhood.

 An overgrown junk pile inside an abandoned home's old basement is nothing unusual in the city of Detroit.

However, this one is tough because of a disastrous mix-up nearly three years ago.

Jeannine Cady-Miller and her daughter Deedra live in a home on Moran Street right next-door to the hole. They keep it up. There is a new concrete driveway, the grass gets cut and a chain-link fence keeps the five small children who live nearby about as safe as they can be.

"We like to keep yards and stuff together. We like to clean up as much of the neighborhood as possible and it's hard to do anything about it, and it's very dangerous for the kids," Deedra Miller  said.

The Millers say the city admitted to them that the house it demolished here was razed by mistake. They were supposed to demolish a vacant house down the street, which they did.

"I was glad because it was gone because I didn't want it to catch fire because of all the abandoned houses, but now it is three years later and it's crazy,"Jeannine Cady-Miller said.

Cady-Miller says she couldn't finish painting her own house because she couldn't safely set up a ladder. The area now is a well-known dumping spot but illegal dumpers aren't putting dirt in the dangerous hole, which is something Cady-Miller would appreciate.

She says she has repeatedly asked the city of Detroit to fix this mess and haul away the old concrete and bricks. She's had no success.

"It's not like I'm behind on my taxes. My taxes are paid in full, zero balance, no arrearages. But this is what I've got to live with," Cady-Miller said.

Local 4 went to work in this, speaking with the state which now runs Detroit's landbank and the city.

This is a city of Detroit mix-up. The city's blight-busting unit now has promised to fix the mess on Moran Street within the next 48 hours.

Local 4 will be watching to see if that happens.

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