Metro Detroiters prepare for winter storm

People stock up on food before snow starts to pile up

DETROIT - As Metro Detroit braces for the winter storm to arrive, many people hit the stores to stock up on supplies.

The checkout lines were long just about every place Saturday afternoon, including the Kroger in Plymouth. It was even worse in Allen Park...

When Adam and Jeniffer Steir showed up at the Meijer on 12 Mile and Mound, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

"Where are all the carts?" Adam Steir asked on Saturday.

With people everywhere and food going fast, Metro Detroiters stocked up before the snow started to pile up.

"We got to the food, half the food was missing off the shelves," said Steir.

"Little bit of everything," said Michelle Varney. "The junk food, meat, veggies, bread."

If you weren't playing bumper carts, you were standing in long lines.

"Think about 30 minutes now and only two people have gone," said Varney.

While some just gave up and left their buggies, others put their patience to the test.

"It really is crazy how people are going nuts over this," said Michelle Varney. "I love watching the snow come. I like seeing it. It's crazy. I think it's nuts."

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