Miami-Dade police detective called 911 after being stabbed while transporting sex offender

Miami-Dade police: Alberto Morales stabs Det Jaime Pardinas during transport to Las Vegas

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Pictured above: Miami-Dade Police Det. Jaime Pardinas

DALLAS - ooA Miami-Dade police detective called 911 after he was stabbed in the parking lot of a Walmart in Grapevine, Texas, while transporting a convicted sex offender to Las Vegas.

--Alberto Morales

Jaime Pardinas, 54, remains in serious condition at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Police say Alberto Morales, 42, stabbed Pardinas four times while they stopped so another detective, David Carrero, could use the restroom.

"Where's the guy that stabbed you?" asked the operator.

"He ran," answered Pardinas.

"Where'd he go?" said the operator.

"I can't tell you," said Pardinas. "I've been stabbed in the neck. Subject is 5 feet 7 inches, 165 pounds, white Latin male named Alberto Morales. He's a schizophrenic."

LISTEN: Pardinas' 911 call (Warning: Contains graphic content) | 911 call |

Pardinas was heard breathing heavily throughout the call.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is offering a $10,000 for information leading to Morales' arrest.

Police there say they are looking for Morales near train tracks in Grapevine, Texas. An alert has been issued for all nearby communities to look for the suspect, who is likely still in shackles.

"Until we have information that leads us to believe that he left this area, we're still looking in the immediate area of Grapevine to try to locate Mr. Morales," said Grapevine Police Sgt. Robert Eberling. "We have not recovered any clothing, any of the shackles that were restraining him. We're still searching the area to see if we can recover any of that."

U.S. Marshals and U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are assisting with the searching.

Police are working to release surveillance video showing Morales near the Walmart.

Who is Alberto Morales

Longtime Las Vegas defense attorney Marc Saggese, who represented Morales in a Nevada criminal case, said Tuesday that Morales claimed he suffered a severe brain injury when he was hit in the head with a baseball bat at age 17, and that he hears voices and has trouble controlling his impulses.

"He said that ever since that attack and subsequent surgeries he has been struggling with demons in his head," Saggese said.

While in a jail medical ward, Morales mutilated his genitals and scrawled words in blood on the wall. He underwent a psychological examination by doctors at a Nevada state mental hospital in Sparks, but he was found competent to stand trial, the attorney said.

Morales eventually pleaded guilty in 2008 to sexually assaulting a woman at an apartment blocks away from the Las Vegas Strip in 2003. The woman told police a man jumped from her closet in the middle of the night, held a gun to her face, blindfolded her, attacked her several times and left after telling her he would kill her if she called police, according to Clark County District Court documents.

Following his conviction in Las Vegas, Morales was sent to Florida to face prior charges, Las Vegas police Officer Laura Meltzer said.

Back in Miami, Morales was sentenced to 10 years in prison in December after pleading guilty to sexual battery with a deadly weapon, burglary with assault and kidnapping stemming from 2003. He broke into a Miami-area home, pulled out a butcher knife and raped two women, according to a police report.

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