Michael Jackson image in bird droppings for sale

Owner: Windshield with 'King of Plop' can be yours starting at $500

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CHICAGO - A man in Chicago said he hopes rabid Michael Jackson fans will appreciate, and pay top dollar for, a gift that a passing bird left on his windshield -- a likeness of the King of Pop.

Brandon Tudor placed the scat-covered windshield up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $500.

Tudor told the Chicago-Sun Times that the gift from above landed on his windshield as he was driving with his girlfriend and daughters. He said upon splattering, everyone in the car saw the resemblance to the singer, even more so once the droppings "hardened."

"Everybody loves it," Tudor said. "There's not one person who's seen it that doesn't agree it looks like Michael Jackson."

According to Tudor, the windshield has been covered in plastic to prevent the treasured image from washing away.

He told the newspaper that for those without the means to afford the real thing, T-shirts, hats, posters and mugs featuring his "King of Plop" image are now available at Cafe Press.

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