Michigan business heads east to help with Hurricane Sandy relief

Jarvis Restoration taking drying equipment, bottled water for those impacted by storm

By Shawn Ley - Reporter


Matt Jarvis is up early in a cold rain. He and his father own Jarvis Restoration and he and his crew are getting ready to head towards areas stricken by hurricane Sandy.

The company has contracts with apartment complexes and are also called on by local goverments to help clean up after the storm passes.

Jarvis is expecting massive amounts of flooding. The Jarvis trucks are being packed with drying equipment and even bottled water for those impacted by the storm.

Power outages are also expected.

Jarvis Restoration is hauling 60 large generators to the east coast. Some are powerful enough to power a business the size of a Walmart.

Matt Jarvis says his team will position themselves about two hours away from impacted areas in New Jersey.

Other Jarvis crews will head to the Carolinas to be in position to work.

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The goal is to be near the damage to cut down on clean up and restoration response time.

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