Michigan girl, 3, has more than 100,000 followers on Vine

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

DEABORN, Mich. - She has over 100,000 followers and she's from right here in Metro Detroit ... did I mention she's only 3 years old?

Ava from Dearborn is a little girl with a big personality -- and we can all see it all thanks to the Vine app. 

"I just kind of started it to capture these funny moments to show friends and family, just a few of us," said Ava's mom, Katie. 

--Ava's mom, Katie.

But a few eyes quickly turned into 100,000 eyes, thanks to videos like this one.


…and this one! 


"It kind of became overwhelming," said Katie. "We weren't expecting to get such a following, it was just something fun for us to do with technology, a phone to Ava is like a toy."


Over are the days of lugging around a video camera, Ava's parents capture her hilarious comments on their iPhones. They aren't set up, they aren't made up, the videos are 100% Ava. 

"Pretty much every day is surprise with her," says Ava's dad, Daniel. "She's not scripted, we don't tell her what to say. She is completely off the cuff. I mean we can't make this stuff up." 

This video is the one that put Katie's Vine followers over the edge. It received over 95,000 likes alone:


"I thought, 'OK, maybe I should stop," said Katie. "But the reaction was so positive and I would get messages from people saying they look forward to her Cines every day and if they are spreading joy I am ok with that."


Some of the most popular vines, when Ava is shopping at Target. 



But Katie and Daniel truly believe Ava's grand personality was a gift. When she was born, Katie's disabled sister was losing her life and Ava brought joy to their family during their darkest times. 

"She was the bond that kept us all together," said Katie. "At our lowest, she made us smile." 

Now, Ava is making hundreds of thousands of people smile and she doesn't even know it. 

If you want to follow Ava, look her up on the Vine app under "Katie Ryan."

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