Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder proposes statewide bike trail

Proposed Michigan bike trail would run from Detroit's Belle Isle to Wisconsin state line

DETROIT - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is proposing a bike trail that would run from Belle Isle in Detroit to the Upper Peninsula, all the way to the Michigan and Wisconsin state line.

On a straight line, the trail would run 599 miles, but the twists and turns of its design would extend more than 900 miles.

Amit Singh is a cyclist who has made several long-distance bike trips. He likes the idea.

View: Southeast portion of proposed trail
View: Northeast portion of proposed trail

"It's exciting. It generates a lot of interest in cycling. I think it would be great for the state," Singh said.

Hundreds of miles of the proposed trail are already in place. The state would have to purchase more land to connect them. 

Ronald Olson, parks chief for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, said the end result would be an enjoyable tour through Michigan.

"These will take people through a variety of environments, along waterways or fields or wooded areas or things like that," Olson said.

The trail would also be accessible to hikers and snowmobilers.

Snyder said he got the idea for the statewide trail after a 2010 snowmobile trip in the Upper Peninsula.

If the state can acquire the needed land, the trail could be completed in three to five years.

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