Michigan Gov. Snyder signs bill to protect breastfeeding mothers

LANSING, Mich. - Michigan has become one of the last states to approve legislation which protects breastfeeding mothers.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill Tuesday to protect breastfeeding mothers. His sign-off came after a lot of hemming and hawing in the state House, where the breastfeeding protection legislation ultimately passed with flying colors.

The Michigan Senate got on board last year, approving the legislation. However, it sat in the House for a while.

Breastfeeding advocates went to Lansing demanding action, and in the end they got it.

The bill means breastfeeding mothers can't be thrown out of businesses if they're breastfeeding their babies. Up until now, that was allowable under Michigan law.

The Kent County Public Health Department says laws similar to Michigan's have been enacted in 45 states.

Snyder says breastfeeding is a "natural act with many proven benefits." He says that supporting new mothers helps ensure good infant health, reduces infant mortality rates and prevents obesity.

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