Michigan leaders support LGBTQ community in fight back against bathroom bill

The new proposed bill has been called unfair and dangerous

By Sierra Pedraja - Editor
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A group of thirteen influential mayors in the state of Michigan gathered together to fight what they called an unfair bill against the LGBTQ community.

After the brutal murders of 49 innocent LGBTQ individuals in Orlando, which counted as the single most deadly anti-LGBTQ hate crime in America, leaders in the community stress that it’s now more important than ever to fight bigotry within the community.

The recent tragic events are also a painful reminder to those in the community that anti-LGBTQ hate crimes happen on a daily basis, and violence is often cultivated by a continuing hateful rhetoric against the LGBTQ community. 

Leaders in Michigan are doubling their efforts to oppose an anti-LGBTQ legislation in the state starting by opposing a discriminatory bill which targets transgender people in the state.

The group of 13 mayors, collectively representing over 1.6 million residents in Michigan, released a statement which strongly opposes a bathroom inspection bill which they call dangerous and discriminatory.

The influential leaders in this collective group are:

  • Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan
  • Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss
  • Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor
  • Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor
  • Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero
  • Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell
  • Southfield Mayor Ken Siver
  • Royal Oak Mayor Jim Ellison
  • Oak Park Mayor Marian McClellan
  • East Lansing Mayor Mark Meadows
  • Ferndale Mayor David Coulter
  • Ypsilanti Mayor Amanda Edmonds
  • Traverse City Mayor Jim Carruthers

As mayors, we recognize that to attract and retain the best and the brightest in our cities and the state of Michigan, we must be welcoming to all.” said the mayors in a collective statement  “Transgender people visit the restroom for the same reason as everyone else -- to use it. And when they do, they want privacy, safety, and respect just like everyone else.”

The pro-equality community leaders called on legislators to defeat bills SB 993 and HB 5717 and have asked other local government influential to join them in opposition against these anti-LGBTQ bills.

"Each of us was dismayed by the introduction of ill-conceived bathroom inspection bills--SB 993 and HB5717 -- that will ban transgender individuals from using facilities that align with their gender identity. In addition, HB5717 will void longstanding legal protections currently available to transgender Michiganders in the 38 communities across our state, which have enacted comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinances prohibiting public accommodation discrimination based on an individual's gender identity,” The group of influential leaders said.

”SB 993 and HB5717 are entirely unnecessary, dangerous, and discriminatory”

The inspection bill has already been introduced in both chambers of the Michigan Legislature.

Those who want to join in on the push for equality are urged to send the mayors statement to members of the Board of Education, City Council, County Commission and Township Boards and asking them to add their name

You can also send a thank you note to the mayors and leaders who are currently fighting for the rights of all Michiganders in the LGBQT community online here

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