Michigan man only misses 1 chance to vote in 77 years

Warren man, 93, says voting is a duty

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

WARREN, Mich. - Clifford Halverson of Warren is 93 years old. He's lived through two World Wars, three Detroit Tiger World Championships, nine presidents and still votes for every election at his son's former elementary school. 

"I've been retired for 34 years, what else am I going to do?" Halverson said.  

Clifford went to Mound Park Elementary School in Warren on Tuesday to cast his vote in Michigan's presidential primary.

He was 21 years old when he voted in his first election. It was 1935 and he voted for Franklin Roosevelt. Clifford said he has a tendency to vote more on the Republican side, but always votes for who he feels will best serve our country, regardless of their party. 

"It's a job, voting is a duty, it's what we're suppose to do," he said.  

He's been voting for 77 years and has only missed one election. 

"It was when Truman was running, I was coming from work, got to the front door right at 8 p.m. and the guy turned the key on me. It was the only one I missed," Halverson said.

Clifford's two sons, Bob and Gary Halverson, have always looked up to their father.

"I am so proud, it does make me emotional that he can still get up and do this, I'll always remember this day," said Bob Halverson.  

"He was having challenges with his leg when he tried to go off to World War II, he never made it to war because of health reasons. I know this is his American way of serving his country," added Gary.  

Bob said in 1972, his grueling college schedule at Northern Michigan, once prevented him from voting in an election. One lesson his father taught, always make time for an election, elections don't make time for you. 

"My dad read me the riot act, you say I haven't missed an election since," said Bob. 

Clifford's son's say their father never votes and tells.

When I asked who he voted for he said, "Schwarzenegger, ever heard of him?"

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