Michigan Mother Delivers Own Baby On I-75

CLARKSTON, Mich. - A pregnant Michigan woman started having contractions Monday at a Fourth of July party, and she and her husband didn't quite make it to the hospital before they met their new son.

Jenna Thompson and her husband, Bryce Thompson, both of Clarkston, were traveling south on Interstate 75 on their way home after Jenna started having the contractions at a family party, the couple said.

"I was having them every 15 minutes," Jenna said. "I said 'Call 911 because we are not going to make it. I am going to have this baby like now!'"

The couple was prepared to stop at their home before heading to the hospital, but their new son had other plans, they said.

Jenna said that when her water broke in the car she knew she would have the baby very soon, and possibly in the car. The Thompsons' Hyundai Alantra soon became a traveling delivery room, when Jenna went into labor, she said.

"My water broke in the car, so that just let me know that it was definitely going to be happening," Jenna said.

Bryce Thompson said he was telling Jenna not to push, but before he could pull over, little Liam Thompson came into the world at 7 pounds 10 ounces while traveling 95 miles per hour on the interstate.

"The minute she said she had to push, that was an alarming moment right there. ... I said 'Don't push!'" Bryce said. "Before I could even pull over at the next exit between Crooks and Big Beaver, he was born."

The couple said they were planning on having Liam at Providence Hospital in Southfield because of hospital's alternative birthing program.

"I had one hand on Bryce and one hand caught the baby, and the car seat was behind me so I could not even put my seat back at all," Jenna said.

Of course, the couple said, this was not the alternative birth they had in mind.

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