Michigan native, teacher's aid at Sandy Hook Elementary, recounts moments during shooting

Lisa Marlin, who works at Connecticut school, says she was wondering what it would feel like if she were to get shot

By Jay Kuhlman - Live In The D Producer

NEWTOWN, Connecticut - Lisa Marlin moved to Newtown, Conn. from Fenton, Mich. several years ago and was inside Sandy Hook Elementary School when Adam Lanza went on a murderous rampage.

Marlin works at the school as a teacher's assistant and found herself hiding in a supply closet when the gunfire began.

"I was scared. I was wondering what it would feel like if I were to get shot," said Marlin. "My two co-workers and I got into a little supply closet and we heard pops that we knew were shots. We prayed with all of our might. We named every single teacher we could think of and the students."

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Marlin told Local 4 she could hear horrific screams over the intercom and loud voices telling the kids to get out of the classrooms.

"We were wondering if that was a policeman or the shooter trying to get us to come out," said Marlin.

She also remembers hearing the custodian running down the hall talking with 911 telling them it was still happening.

Then she said she heard loud stomps coming closer and closer to where Marlin was hiding, but thankfully, it was police.

"I felt safe because police were in the building," said Marlin.

Quickly after the feeling of relief, came remorse, as Marlin learned about the victims and friends she lost at the hands of Adam Lanza.

"For a half hour everyday, I worked in the lunchroom with those first graders and I know 15 of them very well," said Marlin. "I'd tell them to sit on their bottoms and I'd give them forks and I'd hear about their play-dates."

Marlin said she will cherish those memories forever.

"I'm sad for their parents. They were all wonderful, wonderful kids. They didn't deserve this."

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