Michigan Representative faces sexual harassment lawsuit

Lawsuit against Rep. Brain Banks alleges harassment, sex act with former aide

A Michigan Representative with a checkered past is now responding to accusations of inappropriate harassment.

Representative Brain Banks, a Democrat, won a seat in the 1st House District despite having some criminality in his past. He was convicted eight times for writing bad checks.

The last conviction was eight years ago. Now, Banks' former aide, Tremaine Coddon, is accusing him of sexual harassment.

Banks talked to Local 4 about the lawsuit and it's the first time he has addressed the issue in public. Banks was voted in to office to fight for the people and now he's fighting a very serious legal battle himself.

"I would just say this is an unfortunate situation," said Banks. "My relationship with my former aide is the same as it is with all my staffers, it's been professional and I would just say it's an unfortunate situation."

The lawsuit was filed earlier this week and it says Banks tried to persuade Coddon into a romantic relationship.

"This case isn't about my client, his lifestyle, or the lifestyle of Brian Banks. It's about people being able to work in a place where they're free from sexual hostility," said Darryl Segars Coddon's lawyer.

Coddon is a party promoter in Detroit. His lawyer says he resigned from his position with Banks, because he couldn't stand the sexual advances any longer.

Sources in the House's business office say Coddon was actually terminated. In the lawsuit Coddon says Banks forcible performed a sex act on him at a Lansing hotel.

"There's been no relationship established between these two gentlemen and Tremaine is a grown man. When it comes time for us to respond to those allegations in a legal manor, we'll do so properly," said Andrea Brown attorney for Brown.

Coddon is suing for $25,000. Meanwhile Banks says he is focusing on what he was elected to do and not the lawsuit.

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